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Clubs & Organizations

Art Club:  Art Club is made up of fifth grade students that have applied to be a member of the club.  It meets after school during the school year.  Mrs. Ruby Texler, art teacher, is the club’s sponsor. Some of their projects have included the different murals around the Longan campus. Their latest mural is a lion welcoming everyone to Longan.


Safety Patrol:  Fifth grade students may apply to be a safety patrol for the upcoming school year. Safety patrols have various jobs around the school. From helping kindergarteners get to their classes to escorting students from the car rider line, our Longan safeties are always ready to give a helping hand.

Morning Announcements:  Students can apply to be on the WLES morning news crew.  This crew is responsible for the morning announcements broadcasted each day. They write the script, operate the camera, produce the news, and lead the school in the pledge and national anthem. It is a great opportunity to show and practice writing and speaking skills.

Library Helpers:  Library helpers are a vital asset in the library each morning. These students help with gathering books, checking books in and out of the library, and shelving the books back so the books are ready for the next student.

PTA:  Longan’s PTA is the best around! We encourage you to visit the Longan PTA website linked to this page to learn all about the events and projects sponsored by our PTA. Get involved with your child’s school and education—join the PTA today!